Saturday, October 26, 2013

"The first step towards getting somewhere is to
decide that you are not going to stay where you are." 
- Unknown"

I ran across this quote this morning and it struck a cord. My life is good, really good. I have family, friends, an amazing husband, a home, a career, more interests than I can keep up with, the list could go on and on. The thing is everything changes and if you don't keep up you get left behind. This picture is a perfect example. We had our first hard freeze this week.  The greens are changing to yellows, golds, browns and reds. The porch railing is gone and replaced with black iron. When spring comes I will be painting all our trim red. Last night we photographed twin girls who have changed in the last year from fitting in a bread bowl to running around the studio exploring everything. This past week too many friends have said final goodbyes. Life begins and life ends. 
Three years ago we started making changes to the way we eat toward more whole foods and less meat and processed foods. We feel better and lab reports show positive changes. Twelve days ago we took the next step  by eliminating foods my hubby is sensitive too. Already he is feeling better. Along with our eating habits I knew I needed to make some changes in my activity level.  Planned exercise is hit and miss at best. I love working in my yard, walking, hauling wood,  and other actual physical labors but they don't happen often enough. This summer I was chalk drawing on the driveway with a granddaughter. After quite some time sprawled on the concrete it was time to get up and admire our creations. I actually had to think about how to get myself up off the ground. It no longer came as second nature. My body wasn't responding the way I wanted it to.  I spent last Saturday morning watching thousands of people, young and old, fit and working on fitness run in a marathon. I felt very, I don't even know the name of what I felt.  It comes down to, what am i doing standing on the sidelines? I don't know that I want to run a marathon but why am I not taking better care of my body. I am feeding it better, I challenge my brain to keep it active but my muscles and bones feel ignored. This week I started moving forward  because I am not satisfied with where I am. They are baby steps and I know me, I will fall a few times but the object is to keep moving forward. Change is inevitable and I am the only one who can push the changes the direction I want them to go.               

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall Is In The Air

Brrrrrr, it is chilly and windy this morning. It was almost 90 during the week. I think fall has come to Kansas. KU and KState lost football games yesterday. The Chiefs, 4-0, play this afternoon against the Titans.

I am off to heat up the kitchen with this recipe. It is Southwestern Pasta Gratin from One-Dish Vegetarian Meals. I first made it last March. I almost always follow the recipe exactly the first time but then mix it up to our taste or with what I have on hand. This recipe calls for pinto beans, we prefer black beans. In place of elbow macaroni I used a vegetable bow tie. I add more garlic, added green pepper because I have a lot of them right now. The jalapeno came straight from the garden minutes before I chopped it up.
My knitting this afternoon while watching football will be my Hitchhiker. The yarn is Plymouth Yarn      Diversity in the color 0004. My son bought me the yarn for Christmas in 2012. He is a huge fan of "The           Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe" so this was an obvious pattern.        
Have a wonderful Sunday and I hope the weather is beautiful where you are. 

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wishing you and your family all the health, happiness and good cheer that you deserve. May your family be helpful when you are rushed and in a precarious spot. May your expectations not be set too high. May you know that you are loved and that this is a season of giving that love to others. Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


What is priceless about this? Well maybe not priceless but close.

35 skeins of bulky yarn at 3.29 per skein = $115.15

$2 per bag in a grab bag sale at Michaels = $10

7 skeins per bag = .285 per skein

I have never used the yarn before but at .285 per skein I will do something with it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Amber Waves of Grain

The theme for the June/July Etsy Team challenge is "Amber Waves of Grain". If you haven't seen Kansas wheat fields in the days just before they are cut you really should add that to your bucket list.
Stop by our blog, listed below, to see how 5 Kansas artists have interpreted this theme and vote for your favorite.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kansas Etsy Team: March Team Challenge - Springtime in Kansas

Stop by and check out the March Team Challenge for the Kansas Etsy Team. I have only been a member a short time so missed out on participating in this challenge. There is some wonderful talent in Kansas. Please vote for your favorite.

Kansas Etsy Team: March Team Challenge - Springtime in Kansas