Thursday, May 28, 2009

We Took a Little Trip

My daughter was home for a week between school sessions and we took a couple of days to run around Kansas City. We went to Independence, MO to the Truman Library. We spent some time on the Plaza and at the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum. We saw "Angels and Demons", shopped a little and saw the Steamship Arabia. I would highly recommend seeing the Steamship Arabia. It is amazing that items can look that good after being buried for 130 plus years. There were food items that were still edible and a bolts of fabric that looked as good as they day they were loaded on the ship. The following pictures were some of my favorites from the Nelson-Atkins.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Iris is Giving the Roses Some Competition

This iris was by far my favorite this year. I do not remember it being this vibrant in years past if it bloomed at all. It is one that had to be transplanted a few years back and it may just now be recovering. A couple of the transplants have never bloomed since I moved them.
This reminds me of a Kansas sunset and I feel these colors knit into a garment or pieced into a wall quilt out be breathtaking. Cathie I think this looks like a piece of your beautiful work.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Look. Socks!

My first pair of socks. I am so excited mostly because they actually fit fairly well. I have since started my second pair of socks this time toe up. That is a bit different but I think I would like to know how to kit socks either direction. So far I have knit about a million stitches and the sock is barely a toe cover. Nice mindless knitting though.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Full blooms and buds alike. I love my roses.

Brown spots don't lessen the beauty in my eyes. Kansas wind tends to beat them against the deck and bruise the buds.

Even the clippings of a spent rose are a lovely site.

When that Kansas wind blows the clipped blooms to the deck floor and scatters them into a work of Mother Nature's art who am I to argue?

Then I toss them all into a basket with the trimming shears and there is more beauty at least in my eyes.