Monday, January 28, 2008

Too many cats


Saturday I took the camera out with me to walk around the yard. I had forgotten how difficult it is to walk when numerous cats walk with you. In keeping with the theme of feet I want you to know that my feet are in there but obviously well hidden.12608

The snow is gone and the temperatures Sunday and today have been almost shirt sleeve weather.

Tomorrow is to be at least 30 degrees colder with a chance of rain and snow. Ahhhhh, Kansas in January.

Sunday, January 27, 2008



One of the suggestions for Ravelry Project 365 this week was to take a picture of my feet. I rarely see my feet naked this time of year so you aren't either. There are actually two pair of socks on my feet in this picture. I didn't plan this picture but as I was logging my new purchases into my stash on Ravelry I dropped them on the floor next to my desk. When I turned to get up my feet were surrounded by yarn. I just slide my feet up into the middle of the pile and grabbed the camera.

Sunrise and shopping spree


A few items I picked up of the discount rack. 10 packs of cards with envelopes for $1, beads, jewelry findings, binder clips, vacation theme beads for when, not if, I get around to documenting our Cancun vacation and a gift for my Hot Cocoa partner.



Almost sunrise, temperature 22 degrees and no sound. For a few seconds there was no sound. No cars, birds, people. Nothing. It was beautiful to see and to not hear.


A day in the city

I am no city girl and I don't particularly like to shop. I do love to eat at different restaurants and since we were shopping for furniture I could endure that. There was not a yarn shop within a reasonable distance and our legs hurt and we still wanted to stop by a book store. There should be more yarn shops so I had to settle for one of the big chains to satisfy my yarn fix.

The furniture pictures will come later as the furniture hasn't been delivered yet.


Cotton yarn for dishcloths or other items requiring cotton. Have to keep the stash up you know.

The brown in the back is needed to finish a grandson's afghan. The color isn't exactly the same of course but I am double stranding with black so hopefully it won't be too obvious. There were skeins in the bin that were almost purple. A lesson learned. Always buy way too much yarn. The stash is always hungry.



I like cottontots for baby hats, kimonos, etc. I don't like using acrylic yarns for baby things. What cotton yarns do you prefer for baby items?



Lion Brand Wool-Ease for a pair of mittens for my daughter. They must be washable because she doesn't need anything that requires special care. Freshmen in college who work and carry an A average (had to brag a little) don't need anymore to think about. I have not knit mittens before and plan to use this pattern. I can't seem to photograph reds well. The yarn is actually has more brown in it but this is pretty too.


Another Exchange



Yes another exchange. A dishcloth one. Didn't I say I don't do many exchanges. Well, I do two, make that three. Two on a monthly basis and the third is a one time thing, maybe.

Monthly I do the theme exchange and a dishcloth exchange. The one time only maybe one is a Hot Cocoa exchange. More about it later.

This is a pattern I cruised the Internet for.  It is Valentine Dishcloth by Rachel vanSchie. I love the pattern Rachel.

It is knit in Sugar 'n Cream in Hot Pink. There is a second one almost exactly like it except for the last 15 or so stitches when binding off. I ran out of yarn!! So I finished in something not even close and will use it myself. I haven't made myself a new dishcloth in ages. A third in a variegated yarn is in the works for my partner in the Hot Cocoa exchange so no pictures until after she receives her package.

Snow again


Yet again we had snow. 11808


I don't often participate in exchanges because I am such a procrastinator. There, I said it. I enjoy the exchanges but I am always late getting them done. I have never not completed one but they are always late.

This picture is of a lovely skein of yarn I received from my partner in a theme exchange. The theme was "New Beginnings". This is what she had to say about this lovely yarn.

"This skein of yarn comes from a lamb's first fleece. A lamb's first fleece is it's softest and with shearing, it is the start of a whole new beginning for the lamb as it progresses to maturity."

I don't know what I will do with the yarn yet but I plan to knit something that is a "New Beginning" for me.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Project 365 and some knitting content


Just a bowl of oranges with an apple hiding underneath.

A fun plate I like to use during the winter months. It looked it's best one year dressed in homemade fudge.


The actual knitting content I promised. This is the Log Cabin blanket I am knitting for my son.
It has grown since that post but it certainly doesn't grow very fast. Why in the world did I use size 10 needles for this?

Woven Shawl 1/13/08


This handwoven shawl hangs on the back of my computer chair.

This is the detail of the shawl. It is wool and various ribbons. My Man bought it for me for Christmas a couple of years back from a friend who takes her yarns from sheep to finished product.

New TV

We had planned to buy a big screen/plasma/HD TV as a family Christmas present but couldn't bring ourselves to take the money out of savings. Out of the blue we were able to sell a vehicle we no longer needed and guess what, it was enough to buy the TV we wanted. This is My Man doing all the technical stuff that actually makes it work. He is sooooo good at this stuff. I on the other hand would have had to hire help.


Aren't these the prettiest little bunnies?
We have started a new fiber group in town. We meet every Tuesday night at the coffee shop at Hastings. If you are in town on a Tuesday stop on by. We don't have a name, yet, or rules, or bylaws or officers or any of that stuff. We just meet to knit, crochet, etc. This was our first night and one of the ladies was making bunnies to give with a book/books when a baby is born. Everyone is different in size and
personality. They are just too cute

Ahhhh, the new TV. I should have taken a photo when there was something knitting related but to get that I would need to remember to get my camera before my knitting and I are camped out on the couch. Too much trouble. I can tell you knitting is very nice to watch on a larger TV. Instead you get My Man watching reruns of "Seinfeld".

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Quick Note

Can you tell I get bored easily? Time to change the blog appearance again.
I have lots to blog about, some of it actually knitting related but we are leaving soon for a day in the city. Nebraska Furniture Mart, jewelry store to have my rings checked, a book store or two, any structure that houses yarn and any other adventures we can find a long the way.
Stay tuned. I hope to have stash enhancing photos later.
Stay warm where ever you are. It is 3 degrees here and there is snow on the ground.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Catching up

How hard is it to take a photograph once a day? Not difficult at all. How hard is it to remember to take one photograph a day? That seems to be a bit more of a problem. So, rather than quitting, feeling defeated, etc. I am going with this story.
It takes approximately 30 repetitions of something for it to become habit. I have not yet had 30 days in which to develop the habit of taking one photograph a day. As I move through the year it will become a habit and I will be happy with the number of photographs I have taken in 365 days. Sounds good to me anyway.

1/4/08 - 4/365

The nasty stomach bug had left me feeling no worse for wear by Monday. Above you see my clothes laid out to go to work on Friday morning. I never got to put them on. I crawled back into bed and dealt with them later. Unfortunately my dear husband started getting sick Sunday night. It was a very long night for him. He was feeling better by the end of the week but today has been pretty bad again. We are not sure if he is sick again or still sick but whatever it is, he is sick.

1/5/08 - 5/365
I have a Beta that keeps me company in my office/studio/nest. I noticed that I could see our deck through the fish bowl so that is the shot I was going for. I love the second one because I think the fish was posing for that one.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Project 365 - 1/3/08 - 3/365

My world came to a screeching halt early yesterday a.m. A stomach bug of some sort and I won't give you any details. I am moving more this afternoon but not very fast. I'm not sure my brain has cleared enough to be blogging but I have to do something to stay upright.

I took this photo on the 1/3/08 because I knew the tree was coming down and it was just too good of a subject. The look I wanted to get was more of a night shot, glowing "candles", etc. I got that shot but this is the one I wanted to share. It reminds me of Christmas circa 1958. My dear husband was a wee lad and I was celebrating my first Christmas. The picture is a bit grainy and is in general very much like many of the photos I have of us from that time period.
Camera specifics are: Color mode B&W, ISO 200, 1/60 at 2.8, with on camera flash.

This is more what I was shooting for. Both are straight out of the camera as my brain is not able to deal with anything more technical at this time.

It's a Party

A birthday party to be exact and the birthday gal is giving the gifts. Check out Phoe's blog and join in wishing her a happy 30th birthday. I picked a light green present. Looks like maybe a book???

I found this delightful blog via another delightful blog Studio D.
Diane is a Ravelry friend and I have learned a lot about blogging, computers, cameras, etc. from her in a very short time.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

365 and KU

KU first.
With this touchdown we are now 17-0.

2/365 Wednesday, January 2, 2008

This is a sweater I picked up at a thrift store. It is 100% wool and terribly scratchy. I can hardly touch it so I plan to fell it and create something else with the fabric. It also has some neat adornments that will go into other projects as well.
No special setting with the camera. The colors caught my eye.

This is the back side of the log cabin blanket I am knitting for my son. It was in a basket next to the chair the sweater was on. Again I was drawn to the colors as well as the additional color changes where I pick up stitches. There are also bamboo circulars and the yarn from a shawl lying on top of the blanket.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

I love fireworks. It was fun to watch them on TV and around the neighborhood last night.

We had a pretty quiet night. Ordered pizza for supper, watched "Stardust" and then watched the New Year's festivities. I did a little knitting and some reading and that was pretty much the extent of our partying. We are headed out shortly to see "National Treasure".
OK, back from "National Treasure". A good action movie, pretty improbable but that's OK. My daughter said it was too intense for her. In all an entertaining movie.

Project 365
Ravelry group: project 365 ers

I am going to try it. Take one photograph a day for 365 days. At the least one a week but I would hope I can do better than that.

Unless otherwise noted the camera is a Cannon PowerShot G9. I will give specifics of the shot if I was trying for a specific technique, learned something, etc. Some of the shots I'm sure will be just that shots for no particular reason.


I made this rather large dishcloth as part of an exchange and didn't get it mailed with the rest of the package. I took several photographs but liked the texture of this one.
3.5, 1/40, 200, no flash, macro, daylight with reflectors

Had better join the family and get some knitting done. Will need 365 fodder for the coming days.