Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kansas Etsy Team: March Team Challenge - Springtime in Kansas

Stop by and check out the March Team Challenge for the Kansas Etsy Team. I have only been a member a short time so missed out on participating in this challenge. There is some wonderful talent in Kansas. Please vote for your favorite.

Kansas Etsy Team: March Team Challenge - Springtime in Kansas

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wedding Knitting - and sewing

My daughter's best friend was married on February 26th. It was a snowy, cold day but so much fun. We started the day early as part of the wedding party was staying with us and all the girls were getting ready at our home. I had breakfast items for them and got to see each one briefly before we left to photograph the wedding of a good friend and co-worker. Wedding #1 was a lovely, small wedding of mostly family followed by a reception at the restaurant that catered the wedding reception of wedding #2. I ate two, well more accurately three meals as we ate again around 11 p.m., from the same restaurant, had wedding cake twice, shared beautiful memories and danced the night away all in less than 24 hours. Of course any day that you get wedding cake twice is a good day.

There was a dollar dance at wedding #2 and since it was quite a large wedding I felt the maid of honor and best man needed something to keep the money in. I used the Cabled Baglet pattern from 101 Designer one-skein Wonders edited by Judith Durant. The yarn I used hides the cables especially in the pictures but was perfect for the couple. They attend Kansas State University and used purple in their wedding. I held two yarns together, one a solid purple and one variegated. The variegated finishes out the top of the bag by itself for a softer ruffle.

While waiting for her turn with the hair dresser the bride gets to see the bag for the first time.

This is my daughter, the maid of honor, during the dollar dance and claims the bag was very useful.

The groom is a golfer and what golfer can't use a new golf towel? I ordered the towel from Logomos on etsy and she did a terrific job for me. I then sewed the the towel into a bag using smaller than basting stitches so it can easily return to being a golf towel.

The bride loved it.

The best man did too.
Now that the fairy tale weddings are over I have started a pair of toe up socks. I am using the Sock It To Me Toe-Up Chevron Sock pattern from elann. Brown may not be the best choice for a so far dreary March but it is a luscious shade of brown from Knit Picks. It is Simply Cotton Sport in Reindeer Heather. Plus I really needed brown socks. My store bought ones wore out much too quickly.