Sunday, November 25, 2007

Scribble Lace

I recently completed another scribble lace shawl/scarf. I love these things! The yarns and the needles completely transform the basic idea. This one was too slick to use aluminum needles so I switched to bamboo. That held so much better but then it was not as open and airy as the first one.

The colors on this one are so rich. Both yarns have copper in the name. One is Copper Wire and the other Copper Penney.

The next one in my mind is in blacks and I will go back to a slicker set of needles. At least I think that is what will work.

The basic pattern is from the Mason Dixon Knitting book.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I have a stalker

I can't get away from him. Everywhere I look there he is. He is in the kitchen, on the couch and once again he creeps into my blog. Will Thanksgiving never get here so I can be rid of him?

Yes, I speak of Gary the Gobbler. This is #3 completed. He seems very happy made from yarn named Camel and I hope my swap partner is going to love her new dishcloth.

I have been playing with my camera after joining a photography group over at Ravelry. I hope my photographs improve and I even learned to get a respectable close up. I just love the look of the tail feathers.

Can you guess who this is? See what I mean? The one above is the one that was blocking in the kitchen and this one is hanging out on the couch. Gary insists I can't stop until my mother has one too.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gary the third

It appears that Gary #3 is just over half done. Poor guy is going to loose a bit of his height in a few minutes though. I must have missed a YO two rows back because I should have 37 and I only have 36. I might not matter at this point but I don't want him to have a lumpy breast or broken tail feathers.
This is the yarn called Camel and I really like how it is working up. Gary appears happy with the color as well.
I have found that the seat of this chair in our bedroom is really great for photographing small items when I have no natural light.
Check back for more "Adventures With Gary".

Monday, November 12, 2007

More Gary

Wally World is the only place in town that carries yarn. So of course I have to cruise by just in case there is something good. Well, I found these colors of Peaches & Creme. The solid is Camel and the variegated is Earthtone. I thought both would make wonderful Gary the Gobbler dishcloths. Not that yellow, orange and off white won't work great I just think these look kind of turkeyish. Do you think Gary will mind being knit from a yarn called Camel?

I am making great progress on the Log Cabin blanket. I tried to take pictures but I really need natural light so will wait until I have some of that. It is almost dark when I get home from work so I may even have to wait for the weekend. Stay tuned for Log Cabin blankets and more Gary the Gobbler.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fall things

Meet Gary the Gobbler. He is a delightfully quick knit dishcloth and I have completed two so far. One is in the mail to Ysabeau for a Fall theme exchange. The second one will go in the mail shortly for a dishcloth exchange. I plan to knit more before Thanksgiving to give as hostess gifts and just for fun. My mom loves the knitted dishcloths so she will get one when we go home for Thanksgiving. Both of the kids are out on their own now and really seem to like getting things for their apartments. I am trying to use from my stash and these are the color options that I have left. Not exactly turkey colors but they are after all going to be dishcloths. You can search for Gary the Gobbler to get the free pattern.

Becky sent me this lovely cloth as part of the Fall theme exchange. I need to iron it and get it back on the side table in the living room.

These beautiful fabrics came as a thank you gift from a cyber friend. They are pieces of fabric, beads and charms and best of all two leaves and machine stitched "tree bark" that she created. I have them on my work table and I simply love looking at them. They haven't told me yet what they want to be but they will.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Do you enjoy contests with prizes? Do you like blogs about knitting, pets and family adventures? If the answer to either is yes you need to check out "Shut Up, I'm Counting". I found her through another blog I read "loveincomfortknits" and since there was a contests WITH PRIZES I thought I would enter. Well, I looked around her blog a bit and decided she was having way too much fun with life and I had better peek in and see what she is doing now and again. Head on over and mention that I sent you.

This pic has nothing to do with this post but I really don't like posts without pictures.
This is from our vacation this summer. Loved spending a few days just the four of us. And the ocean..... how I loved the ocean.