Monday, June 9, 2008

Flower Dishcloth

As my Mystic Light lies about basking in solitude I have only managed mindless knitting. Just before I lost the light tonight I managed to get a shot of the dishcloth I am knitting. There is a flower in the middle but it is difficult to make out in the variegated yarn. I love the colors in this yarn.
I finished another Scribble Lace shawl this weekend too but I didn't like how it looked in the late evening light.
Of course the cats were trying to help. I'm surprised that the rubbing on my legs didn't jar the camera.
Oh yes. Insurance picked up part of the tab on the air conditioner and also paid to fix the wash machine. So far no more lightening damage but my daughter's cell phone died the day the wash machine was repaired. The wash machine had died the day the air conditioner was repaired. PLEASE let this be the end.

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