Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Panic

It was brief but it was true PANIC. You know how you just know something? Deep in your gut you KNOW this something but it is still driving you crazy? I KNEW I hadn't lost the cash I took out of the bank for Christmas gifts but I couldn't find it, ANYWHERE. I needed to divvy it up between the credit card bill, the checking account and finish shopping but I could not find that bank envelope. I needed to get out the door to finish shopping but I was so concerned about that money I couldn't enjoy myself. After all, if I didn't find that envelope I was spending money we REALLY didn't have. Since I KNEW I hadn't lost it and that I would find it I went on about my shopping but with a heavy shadow dragging along with me. Fast forward a few hours and I am home checking email, sipping a Coke to try and console myself and retracing my steps from the day I went to the bank. Self I said, the envelope should be in the bank bag with the checkbook but you have already checked there at least a dozen times. Self said, check again. So I unzipped the bank bag and realized that not only was the money not there but neither was the checkbook. If the checkbook wasn't in the bank bag that means I had actually sat down, reconciled the checkbook with the bank statement and put everything away in the fire box as I was supposed to do. Check the fire box and there it was. All of our Christmas money safe and sound and waiting to be spent. The new question was....... when did I do this? I am usually not that punctual with my book keeping and everything would have normally still been in the bank bag. I keep trying to get myself organized and when I do it comes back to bite me.


Aunt Kathy said...

That's funny, too busy to be organized but so organized you didn't know you were, LOL

Clevelandgirlie said...

Oh Man - I hate when things like that happen. But it is nice to be rational enough to actually be able to sit down and THINK ABOUT the steps that you took UNTIL you finally come to your senses again and remember exactly WHAT you did with something. So glad you found it and it wasn't lost or stole as that would have really been sad.
Enjoy Christmas with your lovely little family Teresa.
See you in 2009!!