Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

I love fireworks. It was fun to watch them on TV and around the neighborhood last night.

We had a pretty quiet night. Ordered pizza for supper, watched "Stardust" and then watched the New Year's festivities. I did a little knitting and some reading and that was pretty much the extent of our partying. We are headed out shortly to see "National Treasure".
OK, back from "National Treasure". A good action movie, pretty improbable but that's OK. My daughter said it was too intense for her. In all an entertaining movie.

Project 365
Ravelry group: project 365 ers

I am going to try it. Take one photograph a day for 365 days. At the least one a week but I would hope I can do better than that.

Unless otherwise noted the camera is a Cannon PowerShot G9. I will give specifics of the shot if I was trying for a specific technique, learned something, etc. Some of the shots I'm sure will be just that shots for no particular reason.


I made this rather large dishcloth as part of an exchange and didn't get it mailed with the rest of the package. I took several photographs but liked the texture of this one.
3.5, 1/40, 200, no flash, macro, daylight with reflectors

Had better join the family and get some knitting done. Will need 365 fodder for the coming days.


Diane said...

I love the effect you achieved. Your stitches do show great texture.

Great use also of a reflector. What kind do you have and do you love it?

clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Teresa - Happy New Year. Am looking forward to a productive and creative 2008. Can't wait to see what YOU make!