Saturday, January 12, 2008

Catching up

How hard is it to take a photograph once a day? Not difficult at all. How hard is it to remember to take one photograph a day? That seems to be a bit more of a problem. So, rather than quitting, feeling defeated, etc. I am going with this story.
It takes approximately 30 repetitions of something for it to become habit. I have not yet had 30 days in which to develop the habit of taking one photograph a day. As I move through the year it will become a habit and I will be happy with the number of photographs I have taken in 365 days. Sounds good to me anyway.

1/4/08 - 4/365

The nasty stomach bug had left me feeling no worse for wear by Monday. Above you see my clothes laid out to go to work on Friday morning. I never got to put them on. I crawled back into bed and dealt with them later. Unfortunately my dear husband started getting sick Sunday night. It was a very long night for him. He was feeling better by the end of the week but today has been pretty bad again. We are not sure if he is sick again or still sick but whatever it is, he is sick.

1/5/08 - 5/365
I have a Beta that keeps me company in my office/studio/nest. I noticed that I could see our deck through the fish bowl so that is the shot I was going for. I love the second one because I think the fish was posing for that one.

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