Saturday, February 9, 2008

The rest of the story

I DO NOT HAVE CANCER! Of course I knew in my gut I didn't have cancer but it was wonderful to hear it said out loud by the doctor. I went back to work on Wednesday the 6th but have just kind of drug through the days. I have had such a terrible cold the surgery was really no big deal. That is until my incision became infected. So I started antibiotics on Sunday and finally today, two weeks since surgery I finally feel good. It is an amazing feeling.
Of course My Man got some kind of bug also and he is finally on the end of it but still not feeling back to normal. We have decided we are done being sick for the remainder of the winter. Enough is enough already.
Stay tuned for my irregularly scheduled blogging and some eye candy as well I hope.


Cass said...

OH YAY congratulations!!! I'm sorry your incision got infected though. (((hugs)))

Grace Yaskovic said...

glad to hear no cancer, now get the rest all healed!!!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hey girl - God bless you! So glad everything turned out alright. I went through the same thing - all the way up to having surgery as well and then waiting a week for the "good" news. It was an excruciating ordeal - but one that makes us appreciate life. Enjoy the moments!