Thursday, February 28, 2008

This and That

  20608 2/06/08

Are you tired of snow pictures yet? This was a beautiful snow. We have had a couple more snows since but none this pretty. This is my front porch and I like how the snow deepens as you move away from the porch. This would have been a perfect day to stay home and knit but since I have that pesky thing called a job/career I had to leave this lovely scene and drive to work.



I enjoy knitting dishcloths. I'm not sure why. I have a difficult time using the ones I make or the ones I exchange for as dishcloths but I just like knitting them. I like to try out new stitches, ideas and colors and sometimes I just want something that will knit up quickly to break up the monotony of another project. This particular dishcloth was sent to me by my exchange partner this month and it is a lovely log cabin pattern. This first photo is my Ravelry Project 365 photo but the others are just eye candy. Enjoy.

Stay tuned for; What Was Inside Those Packages Anyway and I Have Been Gifted With More Yarn.21808 IMG_0586IMG_0592

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