Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gentle Giants


We were driving east across Kansas on Sunday when we came upon these. We had not traveled east from Hays since state basketball a year ago and these were not here then. It was fascinating to drive for several miles watching these advance toward us and fade behind us. I particularly liked this photo. If you look closely you can see the utility poles running along the hill toward the giant on the left. I remember driving near them in the past thinking how tall they were. Isn't it amazing how things like height are relative?


My kids give me a new rose bush each Mother's Day. This one is two years old and I simply love the color. But then so do the insects. They have been munching on my roses and the leaves but they are still beautiful to me.

Now for the knitting content of this program. Mittens! Yes mittens. In the middle of summer. The special feature at our county fair this year is mittens. I enjoyed making the Peekaboo mittens so much I knew I wanted to make more. Knitting knowing that the item will be judged by someone who knows more about knitting than I do makes it not quite as enjoyable but I still love the pattern.

Remember this? I knit it for a dishcloth exchange back in February/March. I have it on my projects page on Ravelry and Rachel asked to use my photo on her pattern page. I am very honored of course. If you would like to make this dishcloth you can find it here.


kibbles said...

It's nice to know that KS is investing more in renewable energy. I personally love those large windmills and your photo looks great!

How sweet that you receive a new rose bush every year! I love the colors on this one. Do you know its name?

Good luck on your mittens!

Clevelandgirlie said...

We saw those very same Windmills when we rode the Harley through Nebraska. There were huge fields of them 50-60+ It was really breathtaking. It's hard to believe that people in the US don't want them in the ocean bays because it will "impede" their view. I think they are so beautiful (not to mention the clean energy they are generating.) They are like works of art - aren't they!