Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Finished Objects


A sweet little bunny dishcloth. I just loved this little guy and his fluffy little tail is my favorite part. I was pretty proud of the edge as well. I have finally knitted enough that I can control my edges enough I don't want to go back and bind them with fabric or something. I try to pick projects that inspire me to learn if even just a little bit. Though I didn't really learn anything new on this one it was the first time I have worked on the diagonal. I got a lot of practice increasing and decreasing.

 30508 IMG_0817


IMG_0815 IMG_0809



My first mittens! I am so excited. They are for my college age daughter. Of course it is now too warm for her to wear them but there is always next year. I love this pattern and will certainly be making it again. They will be great Christmas presents next year. I already have some yarns picked out. This project forced inspired me to learn and try several new things. A huge buttonhole which scared me but turned out not so difficult at all and I really like the ribbing along it. Picking up stitches for the thumb was the first time I picked up less stitches than there were stitches to pick up. This meant I had to decide where to pick them up. That turned out OK too. The very best thing I learned, kitchener stitch! The first mitten I just totally butchered it but the second one I watched the video on and it was so easy. I could not figure out what I was doing when I read the instruction in the book but after watching the video a couple of times it was a breeze. I won't remember it when I try it again but hopefully the video will always be there.



OK, so I am a little proud of my mittens. You get a couple more pictures.


IMG_0834 IMG_0818

And if you can stand just one more, how is that for kitchener stitch? Now I am no expert  and this was my first time but I think I did pretty good. In case I didn't, lie to me anyway.




Peggy said...

That little wash cloth is adorable. I love it. Really like the mittens as well. I need some of those.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hey girl - I LOVE these mittens. I so want to learn how to knit something other than scarves. I'm not great at reading and understanding "knitting" directions. I wish I had someone close who I could sit with and learn in person. These are soooo pretty - I'd love to make my girl a pair.