Saturday, May 17, 2008


There is something sad yet pretty about this poor, spent tulip. It was a brilliant red just a few days ago and now it looks more like a dried pepper. Today was almost hot and being out in the sun with my camera and the bugs and the flowers was just wonderful. It will take some time for me thaw out from this past winter.


And just across the yard is this bloom so full of promise. After having no iris last year due to a late freeze I am enjoying my flowers all the more this year. The purples have bloomed first but the yellows and reds are not far behind. I think there will be white as well. I had to move many of the iris coming up on three years ago so this is the first good season since the move.

A few other iris photos for your viewing pleasure.

One summer I was wandering through a garden department and found these little people. They reminded me of my own two at the time. They have been in the garden every summer since and my two are 18 and 21.
I hope you have enjoyed the beginning of the iris tour. I can't wait for more colors to bloom.

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