Saturday, May 10, 2008

Signs of Spring and Knitting


Another dishcloth. The ballband pattern finally makes sense. I had knit one before and I think I fought the pattern the entire time. I just couldn't "see" the rhythm of it. Maybe that is because it was a ball game knitting project and I could never really concentrate on what I was doing. This one went quickly and was quite fun. I love the texture and colors of this one. I hope its recipient is enjoying it.



This little guy came to visit for a couple of days. I'm not sure how long he was sitting on the rail before we noticed him but for the two plus days we watched he didn't appear to ever move. He didn't seem bothered by me or the camera either.



My favorite place to knit outdoors. Depending on the time of day I am in shade or sun. The picture is facing east so it is a beautiful spot in the mornings and shady and calm in the evenings. The knitting is my Mystic Light. Yes I am still on clue #1. It is knitting up beautifully but I can't do it when there are distractions around. I have tried and it was not pretty. I do not like frogging or tinking if I can avoid it. So, I only knit when the world will leave me alone long enough to get a pattern row done. There have been so many other KAL's I would like to sign up for but that is silly with how slow this one is going.





These are my knitting/gardening companions. Two were not present for this photo session but were not very far away. They never are. If I'm outside they are close at hand to help with anything I might need. There is actually four generations in this photo. Mama is checking out the bird feeder that was blown down during the storm the night before. Notice all the leaves blown up against the house? The trees took a beating. On with the lineage account. Next is Baby Mama who is the black one posing in the foreground. Third generation is Baby dressed in white and standing. Last but not least is Lady. The long hair shunning the camera. Don't you like my original names? When Mama and her two babies were dumped on us we didn't expect them to live long because we have coyotes, fox, etc. and cats just don't usually survive. Mama survived and one of the original babies stops in occasionally. Three generations later I finally started naming them because they obviously were going to live with me awhile. Before that Mama, Baby Mama and Baby seemed just fine.


This should be a photo op weekend. I have a baby shower for the daughter of one of my best friends to attend. She is my sons age. Is it possible someone my son's age can be having a baby. Oh ya, they are adults. When did that happen?

My daughter will be home for part of the weekend and of course it will be Mother's Day tomorrow. We plan to all get together for a meal, probably out since my sister and I don't really like to cook either and then if the weather is good off to a lovely garden to see the iris blooming. My camera batteries are charged and waiting. Hummmmm, doesn't sound like much knitting.

Happy Mother's Day to all.

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