Sunday, September 23, 2007

Comfort Shawls

Anna, my college freshman daughter called last night. She loves school, tolerates her job and I miss her terribly. From day one my internet name has been kidsnwork because my kids and my work were my life. Between those two parts of my life there wasn't much time for anything else. My kids were my inspiration to wake up every morning and know that there would be some adventure about to take place.
Shortly after I started knitting almost two years ago I joined the Prayer Shawl ministry at our church. I use a simple K3,P3 pattern and make long rectangular shawls for those experiencing hardship or celebration. During Anna's senior year in high school she asked for a shawl to take with her to college. I knew that I would also make a shawl for Kelsi, her best friend, college roommate and my daughter #2. They couldn't be regular shawls and they couldn't be from the regular yarn.
One day I ran across the pattern for the Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl
feather-and-fan-comfort-shawl. htm

and I knew that was the pattern.
Another day I ran across Mystical Creations Yarns
and after drooling over many yarns chose one color way for each shawl.
I had not done anything this detailed at that time and was in danger of wearing the yarn out from frogging Kelsi's shawl. Once I got the hang of it I fell in love with the pattern and immediately after finishing Kelsi's cast on Anna's.
They had been at school about a week when I went to visit and deliver their shawls.

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Grace Yaskovic said...

Absolutely gorgeous Add them to your Ravelry notebook so we can favorite them!!!