Sunday, September 30, 2007

Scribble shawls

I have completed two scribble shawls from the book Mason-Dixon Knitting. The first one pictured here I sold right off the needles. I had no intention of selling it. What's a girl to do when someone offers money, enough money to seriously consider selling something you love? 1) Make sure there is enough yarn to make one for herself. 2) Plan on spending the money on more yarn. SOLD!

The second scribble shawl, you can see part of it in the picture below, ended much too soon. The balls of yarn were deceptive and there was not enough of the blue to make the shawl long and swishy. So, it has hung out in my "studio" for the last couple of weeks trying to inspire me to do something with it. Since it would be IMPOSSIBLE to frog that is not an option. A trip to the button box proved the spark to complete this project, I hope. Folded in an uneven rectangle it resembles an asymmetrical shrug that needs something to hold it in place. My plan is to construct a brooch of sorts on a recycled lapel pin with buttons that coordinate with the shawl.
First, a test piece out of white buttons to make sure the glue will hold and my idea will work.

While the Chiefs are trying to loose again, and Clint Boyer is on rain delay I am gluing buttons, deconstructing a sweater and finishing a baby kimono. Hold the phone! The Chiefs just tied the game. Go Chiefs!


Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

Emporia, that is right up the road from me! You are in the scrumble exchange, or were right? I love those shawls you made for the girls, they will get some use I am sure. I made my daughter a free form afghan when she moved out the second time. I kept hearing how heating bills were going up and just kept scrumbling away.

Teresa(NC) said...

Teresa, I love your blog and fiber inspired is a great name. The shawls are gorgeous. I'm sure the girls love the feather and fan shawls you made. I think your asymetrical wrap idea is great also.
Twisted NC Sister Teresa