Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why this blog

I have another blog. It was my test blog before starting our business blog. It is a little of this and a little of that. Testing ideas, family news and a little of my knitting. I wanted one that is just about my passion, fiber and related things. I love fabric; old and new, buttons; old mostly but interesting newer ones, beads; glass, handcrafted, wood, ceramic, etc., yarns of all types but prefer plant and animal based. I love reading about and talking to people who create beautiful things with all of the above mentioned items and more. I am married to a photographer so many of our conversations revolve around color, light, and texture and with him started my thoughts on inspiration and what inspired me. I was looking for a name for my blog and nothing was working. During a recent conversation about a new photograph taken on a trip through the Flint Hills I thought about how the colors and the light were the perfect inspiration for a piece that I need to start. Soon there were buttons, yarn, some beads and I was on my way to a new blog and a new freeform piece.

This should have been the first post on my new blog but I had a name and I needed a post or two to start it and I wasn't ready to write this one. So what is inspirational about the first three posts?

The first is about my son and his dog and their blankets. They both inspire me every time I see them. They are both fun, energetic and loving. Eric's love of the unusual and his intelligence led me to the web site that I used to create his blanket.

Does Clint Boyer inspire me? I'm not sure inspire is the right word but I enjoy watching him race and I particularly like the look of his 07 car and the sponsor's label on the hood. I guess Clint's car is inspiring.

Was Botanica inspiring? Could anyone be surrounded by that much beauty from nature and from the artist's exhibiting their work and not be inspired?

Last but not least The Harlot. Yes she inspires me. How she handles her life and her family. How she is pursuing her dreams but remains rooted in her home and her family. Besides that, she IS The Harlot. Enough said.

I am off to be inspired by an episode of 24 and some knitting.

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