Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fall things

Meet Gary the Gobbler. He is a delightfully quick knit dishcloth and I have completed two so far. One is in the mail to Ysabeau for a Fall theme exchange. The second one will go in the mail shortly for a dishcloth exchange. I plan to knit more before Thanksgiving to give as hostess gifts and just for fun. My mom loves the knitted dishcloths so she will get one when we go home for Thanksgiving. Both of the kids are out on their own now and really seem to like getting things for their apartments. I am trying to use from my stash and these are the color options that I have left. Not exactly turkey colors but they are after all going to be dishcloths. You can search for Gary the Gobbler to get the free pattern.

Becky sent me this lovely cloth as part of the Fall theme exchange. I need to iron it and get it back on the side table in the living room.

These beautiful fabrics came as a thank you gift from a cyber friend. They are pieces of fabric, beads and charms and best of all two leaves and machine stitched "tree bark" that she created. I have them on my work table and I simply love looking at them. They haven't told me yet what they want to be but they will.


Clevelandgurlie said...

I LOVE Gary the Gobbler. I want him! It would be difficult to submerge him into yucky dishwater - or sop up a mess with him. He's so cute. I am trying to teach myself to knit right now -- and am not having an easy way with it. I'm trying to knit a hat - but would love to try to knit Gary. Was he hard??? (so glad you liked your little gifts!)

Grace Yaskovic said...

Love Gary the Gobbler, but whats this about you ratting me out to Cass about my crush on her husband, he is a hottie but I'm old enough to be his Mama!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and and come back again real soon!!!! Grace