Sunday, November 18, 2007

I have a stalker

I can't get away from him. Everywhere I look there he is. He is in the kitchen, on the couch and once again he creeps into my blog. Will Thanksgiving never get here so I can be rid of him?

Yes, I speak of Gary the Gobbler. This is #3 completed. He seems very happy made from yarn named Camel and I hope my swap partner is going to love her new dishcloth.

I have been playing with my camera after joining a photography group over at Ravelry. I hope my photographs improve and I even learned to get a respectable close up. I just love the look of the tail feathers.

Can you guess who this is? See what I mean? The one above is the one that was blocking in the kitchen and this one is hanging out on the couch. Gary insists I can't stop until my mother has one too.


Anonymous said...

Teresa, thanks for the kind words about my blog. Are you in Ravelry yet? What's your name there? Would love to look you up. Such a handsome family you have! And you are so busy knitting little things; babies all around? Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I am BethSweet on Ravelry, if you are there. Drop me a note! :) B


Nice pictures! Anyway I hope you can shake youre stalker! LOL! Happy Holidays!