Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gary the third

It appears that Gary #3 is just over half done. Poor guy is going to loose a bit of his height in a few minutes though. I must have missed a YO two rows back because I should have 37 and I only have 36. I might not matter at this point but I don't want him to have a lumpy breast or broken tail feathers.
This is the yarn called Camel and I really like how it is working up. Gary appears happy with the color as well.
I have found that the seat of this chair in our bedroom is really great for photographing small items when I have no natural light.
Check back for more "Adventures With Gary".

1 comment:

clevelandgirlie said...

Gary, III is even more handsome than Gary, I. I am going to attempt making my own Gary after the holidays - thanks to the pattern you provided. I hope he's not hard as I am a novice knitter.