Monday, November 12, 2007

More Gary

Wally World is the only place in town that carries yarn. So of course I have to cruise by just in case there is something good. Well, I found these colors of Peaches & Creme. The solid is Camel and the variegated is Earthtone. I thought both would make wonderful Gary the Gobbler dishcloths. Not that yellow, orange and off white won't work great I just think these look kind of turkeyish. Do you think Gary will mind being knit from a yarn called Camel?

I am making great progress on the Log Cabin blanket. I tried to take pictures but I really need natural light so will wait until I have some of that. It is almost dark when I get home from work so I may even have to wait for the weekend. Stay tuned for Log Cabin blankets and more Gary the Gobbler.

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