Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Morning

This was Christmas morning at our house. That isn't all the presents as there were other grandparent's houses to go to and some had been done the weekend before and some wouldn't be opened until later. So all in all I guess this isn't too obscene as far as gift giving goes as this accumulation is for in the neighborhood of twenty people. The grandkids got things like yoga videos, exercise mats, and outdoor play equipment. Books were big also.

Now this is the story of the year. Grandchildren, almost 2 and almost 4. Pumpkin pie on a dresser in a back bedroom not being heated so I could store such extra goodies as pie, cookies, candies, etc. Very quiet grandchildren who like pumpkin pie. The little one comes to daddy and wants her hands washed. Oh no, where is the four year old? On a footstool pushed up to the dresser eating pie. We had to laugh and take pictures as it was just too funny. Those tracks in the pie go all the way to the bottom crust. We even kept the pie around for a couple of days for the laughs.

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