Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Let It Snow

It is already December 7. How did that happen? I wish someone would slow the world down just a little bit. I'm not concerned about being ready for Christmas, I will be. I'm not concerned about daughter's surgery, it will be fine. I simply don't understand how we got to December already.

In turning over calendars to December it seems each one has a lovely snow picture. I have not yet shown you the first snow of the year for us. It came early the morning of November 24. It was pretty much gone by noon but it was a lovely snow. A friend tells me that means we will have 24 snows this winter. Another friend claims it will be a total of 24" of snow this year. We shall see.

December 6 we got more precipitation in the form of freezing rain and sleet. I refused to take pictures of it. I heard that it actually snowed for a few minutes but I saw no indication of that so it doesn't count toward the number of snows count or accumulation totals. All it did was increase the amount of *&%# that had to be scrapped off of windshields in order to get everyone home after work.

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clevelandgirlie said...

Oooooooooooh so pretty Teresa. We get a wee bit of snow here in NC - but nothing yet. I'll keep looking outside - waiting.

And about your daughter's surgery -- you're right -- everything will be fine. God Bless.