Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Yarn in the Mail

It is so much fun to see a package on my desk when I arrive home from work. If I order anything for my husband that needs to be a surprise I have to have it shipped to another address because he always gets to the mail before I do. That also means he knows how often packages arrive for me and where they come from. I'm glad he is the understanding, supportive guy that he is.



I have joined the Mystic Light KAL and this is the yarn I plan to use. This is not at all the yarn I had planned to use but I couldn't find what I had pictured in my mind and I was on a bit of a budget. Since then I have found a couple of yarns that would have mirrored the picture in my mind quite well. The budget issue is still there but not wanting to spend a lot of money on yarn was based more on the facts this was my first KAL, my first lace knitting and my largest project to date. I did not want to put a lot of money into a project I wasn't sure I was going to like. The swatch instructions were released last week and about 10 minutes into it I knew I loved the yarn and was going to like knitting lace. I was having trouble with my needles though so what did I have to do? Order new needles of course! That means there is yet another package winging its way toward our home. That also helps me justify not spending too much on yarn since I HAD to get new needles. The first clue will be released on the 26th. My needles will be here by then, my swatch completed and I will be ready to knit lace.




Since I was ordering yarn anyway I had to check out the clearance section that a new friend on Ravelry pointed me to. We both liked this lovely little yarn and the price was just too good to be true especially when you divided it by two. I can bust a yarn budget wide open without really trying. This yarn doesn't know what it wants to be yet so it has joined the stash to contemplate its future. I know it will want to become something wonderful. It will also be fun to see what my new friend's yarn grows up to be.

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Clevelandgirlie said...

I know what you mean about the mail "thing." Our mailbox is down our driveway which is about 1/4 mile so sometimes my husband and I race out to the box so he doesn't see what I've ordered and I don't see what he's ordered!! My daughter has a gas powered scooter that sometimes he jumps on after I'm half way down the driveway and he zips right in front of me. Your yarns are so delicious!!! We have a yarn shop close by and I love to go in there and "touch" all the fibers - and they are in such gorgeous colors.