Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What Was Inside Those Packages Anyway?

Remember this. I had so much fun opening all of these gifts. I remember asking mom to do this when I was younger. I loved having many little packages to open.



The paper gifts. A Hawaiian cookbook. I haven't prepared any of the recipes yet but it is fun to look at. The notecards were photographed by her husband of flowers in their backyard. I want to go visit her yard!


The fabric and handmade gifts. The silk scarf she hand dyed herself. The fabric is Hawaiian and she made the lanyard.


The food gifts. Tea, coffee and cookies. Perfection.


Soap and a serving set. The serving set filled the regifting category .


Check out the beautiful young girl on the package of soap.


Is this beautiful silk or what?


I was very blessed to receive these wonderful gifts.

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New Yarn in the Mail

1 comment:

Clevelandgirlie said...

Wow - what a haul! You are a lucky girl.

You mentioned you like working with small blocks? What have you done in a small size? I'm a bit scared but posted today as I'm getting ready and have selected fabrics (almost!)

Nice to hear from you Teresa.