Thursday, March 20, 2008

Road Trip

We seem to have been on the road a lot lately. Two granddaughter's have had birthdays, my father-in-law celebrated his 86th birthday, we have gone to photography seminars, and other fun things that take us up to two hours from home. Each time we have planned to wash the car before we leave town. Each time it has rained or snowed the day before and made car washing pretty much pointless since we drive through a small pond on the street in front of our house. I was actually taking pictures of the mud splatters on the window in the first picture but really like the look of the hubcaps better. Hubby was drooling over some tools in the tool store. I had been drooling at the fabric store earlier in the day.


This my leg. Not very interesting but next to it sits my knitting bag. This is where it lives when we are in the car. Right by my feet. Next to the door in the winter so it insulates my forever cold feet more and summer time, well, it usually has to block some of the AC off my forever cold feet. The knitting project of the day was a prayer shawl. It is nearly complete since the last trip this past Sunday.

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Hot cocoa swap

Cold and wet = stew

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