Monday, October 6, 2008

Bad Juju


Imagine you are a 26 years old. You have had a lump in your breast for at least a year but since you have no family history and you are so young no one is concerned. Now imagine that lump is actually cancer. Fast forward 6 months. You have had a double mastectomy, radiation, a lung biopsy that is thankfully negative, your jerk of a significant other becomes an even bigger jerk and you finally send him packing and you are now facing radiation.
As soon as I saw the pattern for this I knew my friend Keri needed one. I don't like knitting things like this and I HATE stuffing anything so this was a stretch for me. I intentionally tried for unattractive since his lot in life is to be stabbed repeatedly. The heart on the front is of course for the jerk and the big C on the back is for cancer. She really is handling all of this better than I think I would have and she has a tremendous group of family and friends helping her along the way. Her life is better without the jerk and the cancer is loosing to her strength and faith. To Keri and a long, healthy life.

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Clevelandgirlie said...

When I first saw the title of your post on my blog (your blog feeds into mine with the title of the latest post) I just had to come and visit "Bad" JuJu. Just the title made me giggle. It did. Upon seeing the picture - I thought oh how cute and what a cute name.

THEN, I read your post. I am speechless - heart broken for dear Keri. I'm sure, I know - God is wrapping his loving arms around her. And what a blessing to her to have a friend like YOU.