Thursday, October 2, 2008

What Can I Say

Have I been on vacation? No, but I am now. Seven days off work, add in four days for weekends and that totals eleven days that I do not walk into the job that pays the bills. Don't get me wrong, I do love my job. I have awesome coworkers and my patients are fun and challenging. It is amazing that for as much physical discomfort as I cause my patients they are usually grateful and happy to come back to us day after day until they are well again. For the next eleven days am I going to miss any of that? NOPE. So if I haven't been vacationing for the last month what have I been doing? First off I want someone to explain to me where the month of September went. I mean come on, I just turned the page on the calendar and now I need to do it again. I really like that picture on the calendar and it seems barely enjoyed let alone time to be hidden again. Just turned to October and that picture is pretty much beautiful as well. So I am officially in October. I do have a few fun things to share with you from the past month before I let October take hold of the blog. Here goes.


Labor Day weekend. None of the kids are coming home, I have a three day weekend and we have never been to Atchison, Kansas. It is the home of Amelia Earhart, beautiful mansions and reportedly many ghosts. I saw Amelia's birthplace, a couple of other museums, many beautiful mansions, the river, good food, a good time, but no ghosts. We plan to go back for some of the official ghost tours. But it won't be this year. Tickets go on sale in June and though there were a few random slots open none when we could attend.
This is the side view of the house below.

This is one of my favorites of the many we walked around. It was a beautiful evening to stroll through neighborhoods enjoying the architecture and hoping to see a ghost peeking out a window or gliding across the lawn to the carriage house. Notice the gargoyles on top the house?

Side view of these awesome guys. They sit above the side view in the very first picture.

He looks a little scarier from this angle to me. Like he is crouched ready to pounce as you walk out to the carriage house or sit in the back yard.

As the sun is setting they become the guardians of the night.

A little newer home, later 1800's than the one above. I liked the bunting hung out front and I love wide front porches. Every house should have a front porch.

This one is open to the public but we got there too late. It is falling into disrepair but still lovely.

This is behind the picture above. Isn't it beautiful? I would so love to sit here with a cool drink and some knitting.

Some flowers blooming on an old wrought iron fence. The flowers were so thick you couldn't see the fence.

I love the old street signs.

The river walk and veteran's memorial.

This little guy found a cool, shady place for a nap.

Another view of the river at the south end of the river walk. At the north end was a lovely little cafe where we ate supper.

I don't have pictures from the Amelia Earhart birthplace and museum but it also had a front porch complete with rocking chairs.

We had a wonderful time and certainly plan to go back.

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