Friday, October 3, 2008

Hot, sweaty and gross

Kansas State University football game last Saturday. I hadn't been to a K State game since I marched in band day back in high school. Things have certainly changed. There are huge screens, instant replays, commercials, you name it, they got it. We were sitting with our backs to the sun. The students were opposite us facing the sun. My daughter is somewhere in that crowd near the goal line. I never did spot her.

The band was great and the cheer leaders, yell leaders and various other dance teams were working as hard as the players were.

Do you see the fire truck? That brought in Willie our mascot. He is just clearing the band in a yellow firemans outfit mid photo. The "bad guy" from the Ragin Cagin is at mid field about to be tackled by Willie. All part of the pregame fun and games.

Here come the players! What I really wanted in this picture is the smoke and the players running through it. Who is this guy sticking his arm up just as I take a photo?

Displaying the colors.

My daughter and I and why I call this post hot, sweaty and gross. We were all three. Though my Tshirt is pink it is a K-State shirt and the button I am wearing has a special story. A friend of ours has raised five daughters and they attended K-State some years ago. When she heard I was going to the game she drove home, got the button she had worn and brought it back to me at work. It says "my daughter goes to K-State". It is now on my inspiration wall next to my desk. I will pass it on to another K-State mom someday.

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Clevelandgirlie said...

What a cute post (and beautiful daughter.) How cute the two of you look together (and happy!) I was almost afraid to go any further when I saw the title of your post!!! You never know these days whatcha' gonna find! lol