Saturday, October 13, 2007

Finished and their stories

Catching up on a few things that were recently finished. The bib goes to a long-time friend for a grand baby to be born soon. The multi-color baby hat is preemie/doll size and doesn't have a home yet. Neither does the pink/lavender one though it has a twin that goes with a kimono that is almost complete. The kimono and hat will go to a baby expected any day now. I guess I had better get the ribbons on the kimono so I can photograph and otherwise prepare it for delivery to the new little one.

This prayer shawl has a sad but "it's a God thing" story. I made the shawl several months ago. It is black Lion Brand Homespun and lots of different pinks, variegated and shades that coordinate with pink. I just loved the feel of it and I couldn't seem to get it to the church office to be used as needed. A week ago Wednesday I also had 5 prayer cloths I had made and intended to drop off at the church office after my Prayer Shawl meeting but the door was locked. I didn't take pictures of the cloths. On with the story. The very next day we received word that a niece in her early 30's with 4 small children and a husband has been diagnosed with breast cancer. That saga continues with the possibility that the cancer has spread.
I immediately knew where this shawl was supposed to go to live. With Kelly. Why did I have 5 prayer cloths with no home? Because Darrin and the 4 beautiful kiddos needed something to comfort them as well. It certainly is a God thing.

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La Petite Tricoteuse said...

Our prayers are with them.