Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's my bag

Everlasting bagstopper....
I love the name of this bag, I love this bag and I love that it won't be delegated to a grocery bag as it was originally planned to be. It is now a bag for anything nice I want to carry, like knitting or books or whatever. It is also a door decoration.

Why is it so special?

I may never wash it either.

Now the disclaimer.
Is this how the bag is supposed to look? Well, not exactly.
Did I use the yarn suggested?
Did I follow the pattern exactly?
Is any of this intentional? Yes and no.
I used a different yarn because I had it in my stash and I wanted to start the bag. This is also known as frugal.
The bag does not look like the picture because I didn't follow the pattern exactly but it was a TV watching project and every time Jack Bauer gets in a tight spot I tend to loose my place in my knitting. And since Jack gets in a lot of tight spots I get lost a lot. This is also known as taking creative license.
I plan to knit more Everlasting bagstoppers and I may have to let Jack sit the next one out.

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